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  1. Need 20 Comments. Then I will post that tool for free 🙂
  2. 🔥 **NINJA 8.6 Gameloop**:Fire: Has Been Released and Now Available For Customers. Message Your Seller To Get The Download Link. Changelogs:- Updated Antiban Fixed Freeze Issue. No More 10 Minutes or 10 Years Ban. Upgraded Magic Power. Must Delete Old gameloop Data And Install A Fresh One For My Customer, You Guys Can Visit My Forum To Get The Download Link on Time. [Hidden Content]
  3. NINJA SmartGaGa v1.0 Based on SmartGaGa Emulator, Please Make PC Clean and Play With NINJA Changelogs: - Update AntiBan with SmartGaGa Simulator - Powerful Magic Back - Fix most Common Ban and Other issue Tips: - Please Delete Old Gameloop and related all files - Clean PC and Setup SmartGaGa - Before Setup and Start Please Read Attached Text files Carefully - Most Important is; if u want keep it safe please dnt play Brutal : Download Link: [Hidden Content] Key Mapping Tutorial Video:-
  4. Hello guys, Thank you so much for being here. As we all knows, PayPal is not available on everywhere on the country. For the sellers, who do not have any PayPal account, is very hard to sell cheats and digital products. And there is a second risk too. The buyer can scan the seller anytime. Cause, selling cheats not allowed in PayPal and if the buyer ask for refund, paypal will never cares about you. Whatever you have proof or not. Cause its not allowed on/in PayPal. So, what to do now? How can the seller make himself safe from those scammers or risk? Today in this post I am going to explain each and every part of that. So, please do not leave any part of this post, otherwise you will miss steps which may redirect you to another scammer. Now I will explain about PayPal to BTC. Cause PayPal is available to your buyer and you have BTC. Step Number #1 Create a BTC account for yourself so that you can receive payment on BTC as its available on every country and illegal on come country's like Bangladesh. You can use COINBASE to create BTC account. It easy and safe. I use COINBASE for myself. Also you have to verify your COINBASE account with your or your guardian's NID card + Mobile Number + Email Account. After the verification, you can get and send BTC,LTC, DOGE and many more. Step Number #2 Visit thw website below.. I will show you everything here. Don't worry. The site link is www.bestchange.com Also you can google it for the proper link. 📌After that, select the payment method that your customer have. If can be payPal, Skrill or other like Payza bank or PM. After that, select how you want to get the money. For me, I have SKRILL and BTC both. But for now, I want to get the money on my BTC account. Keep in mind, COINBASE allows to get money on BTC(Bitcoins), LTC(Litecoins) and Many more.So, lets select the most popoular way, BTC for now. Now the page will load and it will show some methods that you can use. Keep in mind, all the methods are 100% trusted. But all the methods are not suitable for you. Some are providing best rate, some are providing realtime transaction and some are providing easy transaction. By default, the list is sorted by best rates. Also check the review before starting. For now, I can see only 1 method, and the review looks good. So, lets click there, After that, you will be redirected to a new page. Now from here, we are going to start, Step Number #3 Now This page will open. Your page may look something different. Here you have to input some informations. Please check the image properly. Now, you will be redirected to a new page looks like below image. Scroll down the page and you will get a message like below, This message is asking to verify your address.. Means, you have to upload these things for verification. The verification is only for the first time. From your second time, you can make the transction directly without verification again. Submit your NID card or Driving Licence or Passport Photo. Must be issued on your name. Submit your transaction page of your PayPal account(For me, I have ask my customer for the photo) After that, the owner of the site may take a few hours to confirm your identitiy. usually they ask for 1 day, but they works so fast to complete the verification process within 1-2 hours. After the verification done, you will be notified where you have to send the money. We have selected PayPal to BTC. So the site owner will send us his Paypal address. Now I have to send the money to his payapl address. Within an hour, the owner of this site will send me my desired money to my BTC address. After that, you can send the digital product to your customer. For the whole process, it may take 6 hours for you for the first time. But from the second time, you can do it withing 1 to 2 hours. Please don't forget to leave a like to avoid getting banned from this forum.
  5. Hello guys, NINJA Antiban + H@K 8.4 Has Been Released. Now Its On OLD UI, So, No More Online or Offline Ban Risk. If You Act Like Pro, You Won't Get Ban. Change-logs:- Updated Antiban(old UI) No More 10 Years. No More 3 Months Online. Fixed Some Minor Bugs. Download Link:- [Hidden Content] (Reply To This Topic To Unlock The Download Link) Message Me To Buy Your Key.
  6. Hello guys, Thank you so much for being here. Today I am going to share a trick about how you can get VISA card for free. The card will be a virtual card. So stay tuned and leave a like for more articles. Follow My Steps:- DOWNLOAD WireX APP ON YOUR SMARTPHONE { PLAYSTORE | APPSTORE } LOGIN TO THE APP USING YOUR E-Coin.io Login {USE ALL FAKE INFO WHEN DOING THIS STUFF} CREATE A NEW USD CARD ON WireX APP . MAKE IT A USD VCC {VIRTUAL CREDIIT CARD } GO BACK TO E-COIN.IO OR THE WireX APP; SELECT SEND CVV { THE CC # , EXP DATE AND CVV NUMBERS WILL BE EMAILED YOU}
  7. Download Host File:- [Hidden Content] Use Host Changer:- [Hidden Content] Download LD Player:- [Hidden Content] Thanks for being here.
  8. 📌LOGS New H@K Menu Updated Antiban. Fixed Freezing Issue. Fixed 3 Month Ban Issue. No More Online Ban's. Fixed Minor ESP Issue and Glitches. 📌Must Follow This Article For Better Safety and Use Chinese Gameloop [Hidden Content] 📌Download Link Download Link is Locked. Reply To This Topic To See The Download Link. 📌Tutorial Video:-
  9. [Hidden Content] reply this topic to get the link
  10. Hello guys, Thank you so much for being here. Today I am going to share premium porn accounts for totally free. Here I am always for providing free stuff's. So, lets start. Websites where the accounts will work:- PornHUB RedTube XNXX XVideos Brazzers(Not Checked) Make sure to leave a like and reply for more post's. Usernames:Password - Registered Email RPMFSZAZL3:Ml7gQDYoDiHH - TB0CIUWC7NAT0@yahoo.co.it RPMRA1MSAU:AOXghKuo5Jed - JLE1RH74DR1DN@yahoo.co.it RPMV80T40O:cuGQnPxVP4VJ - NQJOD4RLLHKGK@yahoo.co.it RPMWK5IHLI:8MB00d4l5EHh - 1M0713KZC4PQW@yahoo.co.it RPM6JQTWCE:bsLaQAZtYnzQ - 5BP8Z4MPMT0R3@yahoo.co.it RPMVYDQS5S:jnqUQpey1zG4 - OKZT5EWG896Y3@yahoo.co.it RPMWN4U4FQ:kSGLEBRlpYeZ - 1KUVUIKARBUCH@yahoo.co.it RPMCG8THT9:rp07AwMzXrgc - GCX651IBQ4LW1@yahoo.co.it RPMVW28XW1:NVNZUAhaVJwW - Q7S1602UBWB8T@yahoo.co.it RPMEQJFPC3:t8OQYXnoFUFv - HUG4G67IHHFHM@yahoo.co.it RPM0O1JTPV:6amKNAuDbKIO - TH09BSBSO1LHH@yahoo.co.it RPMCCPSG8Y:G3yTvlCgphGD - 2TXEA9G0M5I51@yahoo.co.it RPMV19QW9I:RXHLPHui5JH9 - 2XPXKKWGBJOGG@yahoo.co.it RPMTCOHGK0:W5wNoxMfPp1f - 5ADDYITAFP9JK@yahoo.co.it RPMLX0HI84:30nnSKjYFNnW - 8XKFGKP7ZDVE7@yahoo.co.it RPMIVNU227:g5lcBG4DYd2b - QEKWC1V7H4ROX@yahoo.co.it RPMX28YBN6:y9zS84ir31Dp - KYY2VIU5ZIMTV@yahoo.co.it RPMOGO8WJF:6Rmp8orIyNZy - RVD84EAIQIG3B@yahoo.co.it RPMWEHBF7C:CAtIiu88iBqX - 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  15. No brother. You may get ban on 1903 win 10. So, better use 1803/1809 as recommended.
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  17. Why you are trying to change language from Settings? You should change the language from control panel. Not from here
  18. Hello guys, we are really sorry for the delay on NINJA Update. As we already informed you guys that, some peoples directly reported to TENCENT against our NINJA. thats why our tools got caught by TENCENT and thats why some users facing 10 years ban issue. Now our developers are coding NINJA again from the begginig. But, you also have to follow some rules for better antiban usage. Must Maintain These:- You must have to use Windows 10, version 1809. You must have to disable windows auto updater. Always disable your Firewall and Antivirus Protections. Do This Before Using Upcoming NINJA:- Download Windows 10 Pro v1809 Download Rufus USB For Boot Format C:// Drive and Setup Fresh Windows After Setup Done let it take essential Updates Install ioBit Driver Booster and Update All Drivers Install All DirectX and C++ Drivers Disable your windows Update using Too Disable Antivirus and Firewall Make PC Region Simplified China and Restart Thats all you have to do now. After that, install latest gameloop and wait for NINJA Update. Windows 1809 Downloaded:- [Hidden Content] Boot Download:- [Hidden Content] Windows Update Blocker:- [Hidden Content] Reply This Topic To See the Download Links 🙂
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